Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can I get a weekend from the weekend?

This weekend was ...what's the word I'm looking for...productive. Relaxing? There were moments, but for the most part, we tackled the weekend full force. Picked up. Cleaned house. Organized rooms. Cleaned out junk. Grocery shopped. Lowes trip(s). Pool party. Hauled stuff. Planted flowers. Unloaded stuff. PHEW. I like the 3 day weekend thing, though :)

We went to a resident get together yesterday. We came fully prepared with swim gear, thinking Dakota would swim. Upon arrival, we learned the water was not quite summer temp ready and it was rather chilly, so I didn't put Dakota in her swimsuit. Daddy would sit her in his lap with his feet in. She gradually "warmed up" to the idea of putting her feet in. Then, her feet and splashing her hands. One of our friends took a turn at holding her and the next thing you know, our friend is in the water WITH Dakota, clothes and all! Daddy being a good daddy he is jumped in despite the chilly temp so she could swim with him. Mommy stayed in her clothes and watched from the sidelines :)

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