Monday, June 1, 2009

Pretty toes.

Last night...

me: Dakota, do you want pretty pink toes like mommy?

Dakota: YEAH!

me: can you sit still for me to paint them?

Dakota: yeah...

me: ok, come on.

(Dakota sits in my lap. I proceed to break out the polish thinking this is going to be a complete disaster and she reaches for the bottle. I have never seen the girl sit so still in her life...she kept trying to put her face closer to her toes to examine.)

me: All done!

Dakota (pointing to toes, trying to touch them): PRETTY!

me: Don't touch, they have to dry!

Dakota: dry

me: yeah, dry.

Dakota (points to my toes): pretty! (points to her toes) pretty!

This morning on changing table...(points to toes): pretty toes!

Success! :)


kim said...

Dang! I can't even get the girls to sit still for two minutes to do their toes, and they're over the age of 5! You have one patient baby girl. The toes look fab.

Brandi said...

too cute! that's surely a memory you'll cherish forever!! :-)

Tish said...

awwww...i'd say you've raised a fashionista monster but she's much too cute for that title.