Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Birds

Yesterday, we had quite an adventure. And no, I'm not referring to another trip to Lowes. I'm talking about the lovely swallows we have residing in our patio cover. We thought at first (or at least I did) it was kind of cute to have birds. I even put up a nice bird feeder to attract these beautiful creatures and figured I would sit in the living room in the mornings enjoying my nice cup of coffee and watch them. Well, I was wrong. Early yesterday morning, I went outside to try and save my rose by watering it. That is a whole different story. In trying to revive my rose, I nearly was pecked to death by these very feisty (and protective) birds. I told Jared he needed to put on some gloves and move the nest out of the patio. So, he does what every good husband does and gets his gloves on and his ladder out. These birds are smarter than they appear. I think they knew what he was doing and went dive bombing--right at his face. He grabbed the rake and started making (ironically enough) crow noises at them to get the heck out of the patio. They were fearless and kept going at him. I was instructed to spray the water hose at them while Jared moved the nest. He moved it to the corner of our yard in a nice shaded tree. Well, that was not a great solution because not even 2 minutes after he moved it, we watched indoors in horror as the mama and papa bird flew up and perched where the nest was. They looked down. Looked around. Looked down. Looked at each other. I swear I saw tears and sadness from those birds. So, Jared was back out there to move the nest towards the front of the patio. They eventually found their nest but I think they are also rebuilding where they were the first time. Great. So now we are going to have like 30 chicks instead of 3.

We have landed...

The Schreiners have finally started to make a resemblence of a home in Rowlett, Texas! We got into our house last Saturday and one week later, we have finally started to see some progress. There is still lots to be done, but we are taking it slow and trying to enjoy June before Jared starts his residency.

So far the neighborhood seems great - there is a nice old couple that live to the South of us. He seems to be the neighborhood socializer and filled us in on every neighbor the second night we were here. Carlos and I are going to get along great. His wife is very sweet and offered to let me pick her roses or ask her for a cup of sugar. Too cute. The neighbors to our North we have yet to meet, but we are told he is a Dallas police officer. That always makes you feel safe. We also have new live-in residents: Izzy, Lizzy and Dizzy the lizards. They like to hang out on our bathroom window at night and catch some grub i.e. bugs for dinner.