Friday, May 22, 2009

Doors that open.

I have felt compelled to write this post for some time now. This is not news: our economy blows. So many of my friends have been affected by this terrible market, myself included. I still to this day can't believe I got laid off. That was ohhhh 6 months ago. I took it very personally. I don't fail at a job. But guess what, it wasn't my decision to make. Someone had other plans for me.
In my industry, connections matter. Much like any other industry, it's all about who you know for the most part. Thanks to my friend Grant, I was able to snag an interview at my current place of employment for a marketing position. I immediately hopped on board and couldn't wait to start.
Not two weeks into my new job, a nationwide fashion retailer based here in Dallas called me offering me a position of copywriter. I had randomly applied for the position a few months previous and thought eh, no way, I don't have my foot in the door. With the offer can a hefty dollar amount that I had to ask my recruiter twice about and had to re-read the offer letter about ohhh 14 times. I immediately accepted, thinking I was crazy to turn down that kind of salary with that big of a brand.
About a week later, about 3 days before I was supposed to start my new new job, I couldn't do it. My current boss was sad to see me go, and he would ask me everyday if I had changed my mind. I ended up sticking with my current job and politely telling Big Brand Retailer I would have to graciously decline.
So why did I turn down the money with the big brand to stay doing marketing for a hospital with a smaller budget? Because I love what I do. Everyday is a mixed bag. Marketing means wearing a lot of hats. Writing copy, designing brochures, poking fingers at health fairs, attending golf tournaments, party planning and serving ice cream for employee events.
My friends, you gotta do what you love doing. Life is way too short to be concerned with money, what-ifs and taking the safe route.
It sounds so cliche, but as quoted in Wedding Crashers: Grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly!
The world is your playground.

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